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7 Chakras

GLOWSTICC™ - 7 Chakras-Premium Masala Agarbathi / Incense

Chakra imbalances and blockages cause emotional, psychological, and bodily problems. Several causes might cause the chakras to become unbalanced or even stop functioning.

Benefits: 7 CHAKRAS Incense by GLOWSTICC is an excellent approach to aid concentration and relax the nerves during meditation. Certain yoga positions and meditation techniques assist in unblocking chakras, restoring them to their optimal balance, and assisting the body and mind to function much better. These incense sticks, when combined with the appropriate yoga poses and meditation techniques, can help you regain confidence and lift your spirits. Chakra incense aids concentration and calms the nerves during meditation.

These are high quality Agarbathis made with hand or to put it appropriately hand-rolled by rural women for whom we aim to provide a source of livelihood. Natural ingredients such as rare herbs, flower and leaf extracts, botanicals, resins, essential oils, and spices are hand-rolled into 7 CHAKRAS Masala Incense Sticks which are totally non-toxic, eco-friendly & vegan in nature also no child labor or any kind of animal testing is involved in the making of the same.

Net Contents: 15g/pack

Packing: 12 packs/dozen

Sample Availability: Available

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