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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Incensing or burning of incense stick is an ancient tradition during various rituals in almost every religious faith across the globe.

All through ancient centuries, emergence of incense sticks could be attributed to the burning of aromatic wood. Since they were made by humanity, perfumed incense sticks have played a key role in regular rituals and have become more popular and religious. All ancient religions linked their natural world with their gods. It was claimed that fragrant plant materials forced demons away and allowed the gods to come on the earth, they also had the realistic application of expelling unpleasant smell.

The Old Testament, the Vedas and various other ancient religious books show records of incense burning. Incense sticks have been extensively found in various worship places since prehistoric times, such as churches, monasteries, mosques, synagogue's and temples. The passing of time has brought various changes in the ingredients, functionality, manufacturing, and burning methods of the incense sticks. Nowadays, incense sticks are not only limited to fragrances, but are also used as deodorants and insect repellents.

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